This game play is set up just like most Neo-Geo games. The player has a control stick and four action buttons. Hard Punch (HP) Light Punch (LP) Hard Kick (HK) and Light Kick (LK). Be forewarned this will be a lot to take in all at once.



Double tap forward or back in rapid sucession.


Super JumpEdit

Launches you further.


Escape DashEdit

To avoid most attacks (holding the buttons to extend the parry time).


It can be followed up with Forward + Heavy Punch or Heavy Kick to attack right out of the dash.



Throw Cancel and Defensive FallEdit


Taunt OpponentEdit

Reversing to neutural stance allows the attacks to be stronger.


Change StanceEdit


Power ChargeEdit

Holding to charge. The power meter will also charge by perfoming attacks.


Once the power meter is charged the player is able to unleash the Super Deadly Skill. There are 2 types of Super Deadly Skills but not all characters posses them. The regular SDS the power meter just has to be full. For a level 2 SDS the Life Bar must be flashing red. The motions for a level 2 SDS is the same as a level 1 but the move will have some variance in the power and animation. This will essentially allow that character to use their SDS over and over as long as the opponent doesnt kill you first.

Guard MeterEdit

The Guard Meter starts at 99 and as you block moves the number will decrease. If it gets to zero you will be unable to block and of course will take damage. Don't worry though as soon as the player starts fighting back rather than blocking your guard meter will go back up.