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Yuiren during the intro

Yuiren is one of the main characters in Daraku Tenshi the Fallen Angels . He is a cross dresser who works at the bar "Wind Fish" with his twin sister Yuiran. His fighting style relies on moving and striking quickly. Yuiren is regarded as a mid tier character , and is often picked up by beginners due to the ease of learning his moves.



Manager and Singer






134 lbs



Birth Date

March 3rd 1984



Voice actor

Ai Orikasa


Beautiful in voice and appearance, this feminine singer is actually a man. Yurien dresses as a woman and sings to attract customers to the bar. His singing has made him the chief customer getter and men from all over come to see him thinking he is a woman. Despite his gentleness Yurien is quite strong and has often played protector to his sister.

Win QuotesEdit

Win Quotes:
"Not so friendly, but a nice guy." Vs. Cool
"How rude! At least I'm cuter." Vs. Yuiren
"Bad attitude, eh? Let me fix that." Vs. Roche
"Yuiran, act like a lady." Vs. Yuiran
"Karate's for old men. Get with it!" Vs. Tarao
"Isn't it about time you retired?" Vs. Harry
"You know, you should relax more." Vs. Haiji
"I win today. Try again sometime." Vs. Taro
"Why would a paid killer want me?" Vs. Trigger
"Just leave me alone!" Vs. Carlos


Rising Toe Kick

F , D , DF + LK or HK

Knuckle Strike

D, DF , F+ LP or HP

Dodge Horsefly

D, DB, B + LP or HP

Aerial Kick

B , D , DB + LK or HK

 super Moves

Starlight Dance

F , D , DF X 2 + HP 

Moonlight Kick

D, DB, B X 2 + HK


  • Yuiren and Yuiren share a character specific intro
  • Concept art in the game's rom suggest Yuiren and Yuiran may have been two normal men at one point.
  • Yuiren and Yuiran are the same basic sprite with a dress and ponytail added for Yuiren
  • Yuiren is the first character in the game's character array
Daraku Tenshi - Fighting Singer (Yuiren Stage)02:45

Daraku Tenshi - Fighting Singer (Yuiren Stage)

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